Make Your Own Gorgeous Pour Paint Pumpkins

Decorate these pumpkins in three easy steps—no carving or paintbrushes required! You won't believe how easy it is to make these gorgeous painted pumpkins.

For a fun Halloween craft for kids, drip paint onto pumpkins to create a colorful look.

This pumpkin decorating project is so easy, anyone (yes, anyone!) can do it. All it takes to make these colorful Halloween decorations is crafts paint and a few faux pumpkins. We'll show you our easiest tips and tricks for creating gorgeous designs with paint poured directly out of the bottle—they're called pour paint pumpkins for a reason, after all!


  • Working Time 30 Minutes
  • Start to Finish 24 Hours
  • Difficulty         Projects Easy

What you need


  • Faux pumpkins
  • Acrylic craft paint

How to do it

Step 1 Pour, Pour, Pour

This project is insanely easy, but it can get messy. Put a large sheet of crafts paper or newspaper over your crafting surface to collect paint that may run off the end of your pumpkin as you work. To make our rainbow pumpkin, we started with a base color and poured paint near the stem of the pumpkin. Once the paint begins to run down the side of the pumpkin, you can tilt, rotate, and tap the pumpkin against the table to keep the paint dripping. If you don't want the colors to mix, let this layer of paint dry before adding more. To get a marbled look, apply another color directly on top of this layer before it dries.

Step 2 Shake It Up

Add more colors and layers of paint to create a rainbow look. Shake and tilt the pumpkin as you pour to combine the paint layers as you go—experiment with different shaking methods to get a look you like. We used a collection of neon paints to create a rainbow pumpkin, but you can use as many or as few colors as you'd like. Add small areas of color around the pumpkin, or create a cohesive layered look by covering the entire pumpkin in one layer of paint and then adding more layers over the top.

Step 3 Dry and Display

Once you've covered your pumpkin, let the paint dry fully. So many layers of paint can create a thick surface (especially around the stem) so we recommend letting the pumpkin dry for a full 24 hours; check that the paint is completely dry before moving and displaying your pumpkin.

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  1. This is so easy compared to the drip painting done in grandson's bedroom...

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