This adorable no-carve pumpkin is the cutest thing you'll make this season. Plus, get our favorite pumpkin decorating ideas.

By BH&G Crafts Editors
Updated August 09, 2019

If carving a real pumpkin isn't your thing, make this no-carve pumpkin craft instead! It's so easy that you'll have the perfect addition to the fruit bowl done in minutes—all you need is a bag of wood pieces and a coat of paint. Don't have a mini pumpkin? Purchase larger wood ovals to create the same look on a larger pumpkin. Simply glue the pieces in layers and use our topper pattern to create the pineapple's leaves.

How to Make a Pineapple Pumpkin

Supplies Needed

  • Faux pumpkin
  • Wood ovals
  • Hot glue
  • Yellow paint
  • Scissors
  • Green cardstock
  • Pineapple topper pattern

Step-by-Step Directions

Follow these easy instructions to make your own pineapple pumpkin for fall. You should be able to finish this project in about an hour.

Step 1: Glue Ovals

Purchase a bag of wooden shapes; look for a set of matching ovals or teardrops, or a mix of the two. Glue a ring around the top of the pumpkin, and continue making rings all the way down to the bottom. Get creative with the pattern of ovals and teardrop shapes to get the look of a real pineapple. Don't worry about awkward gaps between the pieces or a little extra glue showing through—these will all be covered with paint later.

Step 2: Paint Pumpkin

Once the pumpkin is completely covered in wood pieces, cover the entire surface with a coat of yellow paint. Spray paint works best because it will cover the gaps and glue better than craft paint that is applied with a brush. For an even coat of spray paint, hold the pumpkin by the stem and rotate it as you spray.

Step 3: Create Topper

Cut a triangle pattern out of green cardstock (the brighter the better!) to create the leafy top of the pineapple. Bend each of the leaves outward to give the topper more texture.

Get our free topper template.

Step 4: Add Topper

Roll the topper so the leaves bend outward. You'll want the opening at the base to be just wide enough to fit over the pumpkin stem. Glue the ends of the topper to keep the shape and glue it in place over the stem to finish the pumpkin. The final Halloween pumpkin craft is almost cute enough to eat!


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