No-Carve Cat Pumpkin for Halloween

This pumpkin is the cat's meow. The kitty jack-o'-lantern is a friendlier alternative to the typical Halloween black cat -- and the feline can be made without any carving!

What You Need

  • Construction paper: tan, yellow, orange, and black
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Rounded pumpkin for head
  • Wires (for whiskers)
  • Elongated pumpkin for body
  • Two pumpkin squash for front paws
  • Pins

Download the free pattern.

How to Make It

1. Download the free pattern, enlarge to desired size, and print.

2. Trace pattern pieces onto construction paper, matching the pattern piece colors to its designated construction paper colors (tan pattern pieces are traced onto tan construction paper, etc.).

3. Cut out all of the construction paper pieces.

4. For the ears, glue the orange smaller, inner ear to the yellow outer ear. Fold the ear in half to form a slight crease, as shown in the photo. Fold back the orange part of the ear indicated by the dotted line on the pattern.

5. For the eyes, glue the orange pupil and the black iris to the yellow eye; repeat for second eye. Glue assembled eyes to the rounded pumpkin.

6. For the nose, glue the orange inner nose piece to the tan outer nose piece and glue the yellow nostrils on (as shown in the photo). Glue the nose to the pumpkin, between the eyes.

7. For the mouth, glue orange lower lip to the yellow upper lip so the edges overlap slightly. Glue the completed mouth piece to the pumpkin, below the mouth.

8. Insert wires around the mouth and nose to resemble whiskers.

9. Make a paper chain from strips of yellow, orange, and tan construction paper for the cat tail. Loop one strip of construction paper, taping or gluing the overlapping ends together. Thread another strip of paper through the first looped strip and tape or glue the overlapping ends together. Repeat in this manner until tail is desired length.

10. To assemble, position the body pumpkin where you would like the pumpkin sculpture to be displayed. Place the head pumpkin on top of it. Place two small pumpkin squash for paws in front of the body pumpkin. Pin the paper chain tail to the back of the body pumpkin.


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