Make a Melted Crayon Pumpkin

A whole new way to color with crayons. This melted crayon pumpkin is ready in a snap!

Project Overview
  • Working Time: 20 minutes
  • Total Time: 2 hours
  • Skill Level: Kid-friendly

Beautiful no-carve pumpkins don't have to be complicated to make! Old broken crayons, a hot glue gun, and a heat tool—ordinary items, ready for their Cinderella moment. Transform them into a stunning melted crayon pumpkin decoration.

What You'll Need

Equipment / Tools

  • 1 Heat tool
  • 1 Hot glue gun


  • 1 Crayons
  • 1 Faux pumpkin
  • 1 Hot-glue sticks


  1. Prepare Your Crayons

    First things first: get organized! Plug in your hot glue gun and while you wait, arrange your crayons in a gradient, from blue to green to yellow to orange, etc. Then, peel the paper wrapper off of each crayon. Using a white faux pumpkin for this Halloween craft project allows the colors of the crayons to pop, but you can use any faux pumpkin you like.

    To make the crayons fit on top of the pumpkin, they need to be broken into small pieces. We snapped the crayons with our hands, but if you want the pieces to be the same size, try cutting them in half with a knife instead.

    When the crayon pieces are ready, hot glue each crayon around the top of the pumpkin in the color gradient. Add a dot of hot glue, then wait about 30 seconds or blow on it to let it cool a bit. If you put the crayon directly onto the glue when it is still really hot, the crayon will slide off or melt. When the glue is cooler (but still tacky), stick the crayon on. For a full gradient of color, keep the crayons in a tight circle when gluing them to the top.

    Editor's Tip: When making your melted crayon art pumpkin, be sure to place parchment paper to protect your surface.

  2. Melting Magic

    white pumpkin multiple crayon colors melted wax
    Jason Donnelly

    Once all of the crayons are attached to the top, use the heat tool to melt the crayons. Be careful—if the heat tool is too close to the crayons, the melted wax will splatter. As you melt the crayons, tilt and wiggle the pumpkin to get the wax to drip in the desired way, making sure your fingers stay clear of potential wax drips. You can even layer drips over each other, or create cool new colors where the crayons meet. Try having fun by using various shades of one color or arranging your crayons to create an ombre look. Let your melted crayon pumpkin dry completely and it's ready to display. No-carve pumpkin ideas don't get easier than this!

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