Paint pumpkins with a buffalo check pattern for charming fall decor that's sweet instead of scary. We'll walk you through how to paint gingham pumpkins with acrylic paint to display on your porch or incorporate into a fall centerpiece.
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Add a touch of farmhouse style to your fall decor with a classic gingham print. We used two shades of gray acrylic paint on a white pumpkin for a neutral variation on the traditional plaid pattern. Use this technique to make colorful designs or simple black and white buffalo check pumpkins. These DIY gingham pumpkins are simple to make and will be a fabulous modern addition to your lineup of painted pumpkins. Paint buffalo check on a real pumpkin or opt to use a faux pumpkin ($8, Target) so you can display it year after year. We'll show you how to make buffalo check Halloween pumpkins.

  • Working time 30 mins
  • Start to finish 3 hrs
  • Difficulty Easy

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Step 1: Draw a Guide

Put down newspaper to protect your work surface before starting on your gingham painted pumpkin. Use a pencil to lightly draw guidelines for the horizontal sections. The guides will help you keep the lines straight as you paint around the pumpkin. Our sections were about one inch wide, but you can make yours larger or smaller depending on the size of your pumpkin. If you aren't happy with your line placement, just erase it and try again.

Download our gingham painting guide
Step 2

Step 2: Paint Gray Grid

Using the natural seams of the pumpkin as a guide, paint gray vertical strokes on every other segment. We used a set of foam brushes ($13, Amazon). Next, fill in the horizontal lines you marked earlier with the same gray paint. You should now have a grid of thick gray lines, with unpainted white squares in between.

gingham pumpkin
Step 3

Step 3: Paint Dark Gray Squares

Mix a tiny amount of black paint into the gray paint to create a slightly darker shade. (Plain black will be too stark to make the overlapping illusion.) Paint the boxes created by the intersection of the horizontal and vertical lines with the dark gray paint. If desired, paint the stem dark gray to match your painted buffalo check pumpkin. Let the paint dry fully before displaying your creative Halloween pumpkin.


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