These Hedgehog Pumpkins Add a Sweet Touch to Your Spooky Display

Nod to the true star of the Halloween season with this candy-inspired pumpkin idea in the shape of a charming hedgehog.

Chocolate candy corn glued around a cute felt face creates an adorable hedgehog pumpkin! These easy no-carve pumpkins come alive in a snap. We'll show you how to perfectly frame the face and keep the candy spaced evenly to form the cutest pumpkin creature.

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How to Make Hedgehog Pumpkins

Supplies Needed

  • Faux pumpkin
  • Chocolate candy corn
  • Felt in pink, gray, and burgundy
  • Painters tape
  • Scissors
  • Hot-glue gun and sticks

Step-by-Step Directions

Follow these simple how-to instructions to assemble your candy corn hedgehog pumpkin. You should be able to complete this decorated pumpkin craft in under an hour.

painter tape on pumpkin

Step 1: Outline Face

Block off a circle for the hedgehog's face with painters tape or masking tape. This will help you determine the size of your felt pieces as well as keep the candy corn in a circle around the face.

gluing felt on pumpkin

Step 2: Add Felt Features

Cut eyes, cheeks and a nose out of felt. Our eyes and cheeks are about the size of a dime, but you may need to adjust their size depending on how large your pumpkin is; if you're not sure, start larger and trim until you like the look.

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Step 3: Add Candy

Add a small bead of hot glue to the base of the candy corn; attach candy corn to pumpkin so that the widest part faces the face. Too much hot glue will make the candy corn slide down on the pumpkin, leaving exposed glue, so be careful to only add a small amount. Continue this process around the face; once you've completed the circle, remove the tape.

candy corn on pumpkin

Step 4: Finish Rows

Continue adding candy corn to the entire pumpkin, leaving 1/4 inch between each candy corn. To make sure the candy corn doesn't form straight lines, start building around the circle around the face. Add candy corn in each 'window' and continue all the way around, varying the direction that each candy corn faces. Continue adding candy corn until the entire pumpkin is covered, leaving only the bottom free so that your hedgehog can easily sit on the front porch!

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