Your Best Photos: Decorated Pumpkins, 2010

Glittery Pumpkin Centerpiece
We're frightfully delighted with the creative Halloween pumpkin pictures submitted by users. Take a look for some pumpkin-decorating inspiration.

Black & White Pumpkins with Leaves

Halloween Vignette by Roeshel

Why we picked this: The stark black-and-white contrast on these pumpkins and the surrounding decor comes together to create a classic, spooky look. This reader used stencils to paint white leaves onto painted black pumpkins. Adding raised dishes and lace -- along with ominous candlelight -- only makes this holiday look more sophisticated and frightful.

Witch Silhouette Pumpkin

Woven Ribbon Silhouette Pumpkin by drhode714

Why we picked this: This stunning pumpkin immediately caught our eye. The witch silhouette was painted with acrylic paint, and carved holes offer a way to weave ribbon. The combination makes for a fresh yet simple spin on a bewitched pumpkin.

Monogrammed Pumpkin

Doing the Polka by tiffanyharbuck

Why we picked this: We love how this reader added her own flair to a monogrammed pumpkin. Black and green polka dots pop on the white background. Even the stem got a splash of color!

Editor's Tip: Use this pumpkin as inspiration for purposeful decor by gathering several pumpkins to display an address number, Halloween message, or your last name.

Toy Story Pumpkin

Mr. Potato Head by adamaustinsmom

Why we picked this: Not only are the paintings on this pumpkin clever, this reader did a great job of portraying the personality and attitude of Mr. Potato Head from Toy Story. Several other characters from the movie surround the pumpkin.

Cartoon Pumpkin

SpongeBob pumpkin by jennieolive

Why we picked this: SpongeBob SquarePants is packed full of energy in his cartoon, and we love how this reader was able to capture that spark. More impressive still, jennieolive translated the square cartoon to a small, round pumpkin. Placing him on a ledge was a bright idea: His paper arms and legs get to dangle, making this painted pumpkin pop even more.

Floral Welcome Pumpkin

Welcome Pumpkin by certele

Why we picked this: We love the friendly welcome that this pumpkin sports for an otherwise spooky holiday. Markers, paint, stickers, or stencils can be used to get the message -- and the friendly flowers between it -- across to all visitors who cross this pumpkin's path.

Classy Black & White Pumpkin

It's got Class! by reginiab

Why we picked this: We love how elegant this white pumpkin looks, and the way it was placed atop contrasting red leaves. While the reader's kids wanted jack-o'-lanterns, reginiab wanted something less traditional. The result is a sophisticated and classy black-and-white pumpkin.

Smiling Witch Pumpkin

Witchy Pumpkin by certele

Why we picked this: From the pleasant expression on the witch's face to her pleased cat to the leaves falling all around them, this pumpkin is absolutely bewitching. We love how certele used whimsical poses and playful patterns, along with smiling characters, to decorate a pumpkin.

Comic-Inspired Pumpkin

Calvin & Hobbes by suzihrubik

Why we picked this: When we saw this Calvin and Hobbes pumpkin, we laughed at the iconic poses. Suzihrubik used acrylic paint to portray the comic strip duo in one of their sassy stances. The detail is great -- Hobbes' fur even looks fuzzy to the touch.

Painted Frankenstein Pumpkin

Frankenstein Pumpkin Head by marilyn-ritchi1

Why we picked this: Maybe it's pumpkin Frankenstein's round head that makes him look slightly less scary, but we just want to take this monster home! We love the look and creativity of this clever green pumpkin, including his two chipped teeth.

White Pumpkin with Tree

Spooky Tree Pumpkin by klemperle

Why we picked this: We always love when people experiment with white pumpkins, and the expression on this spooky tree is priceless. One large, main design makes a statement and commands attention, while the smaller design elements serve as complimentary background features.

Lace Decorated Pumpkin

Gothic Romance by ronijj

Why we picked this: These black-and-white pumpkins caught our eyes for their sophisticated yet spooky look. Ronijj cleverly decoupaged decorative tissue papers and napkins to the pumpkins to capture a frightening essence. We also love the leaf and flower accents, especially the ruby red center of the eerie black flower.

Patriotic Pumpkin

Stars & Stripes by amyavery2

Why we picked this: This patriotic pumpkin shows pride and serves as a multicolor decoration in the midst of an orange-and-black holiday. The reader used a vibrant gourd and adorned it with star-spangled letters. To complete the look and add flair, amyavery2 tied patriotic ribbon to the stem.

Stacked Owl Pumpkin

Owl by karent0011

Why we picked this: This October owl is pretty adorable. Karent0011 started with one of our designs but added her own feathery touches, including playful craft feathers and wild, glittery yarn to embellish this fowl's chest.

Dangling Spider Pumpkin

Swirly Pumpkin by klemperle

Why we picked this: The pretty pattern at the top of this pumpkin looks elegant, while the clever spiders dangling from the design give it a Halloween vibe. Who says classic and creepy can't work together?

Self-Portrait Pumpkins

Faces by cljmgates

Why we picked this: Take a good look at these pumpkins and tell us they're not adorable -- we dare you. We love how this reader got everyone involved with decorating -- proving that there's a Picasso in all of us.

Editor's Tip: All you need are some sharpies and a few mirrors to encourage your little artists to show their creative side through a self-portrait; for some added fun see if they're willing to sketch other family members or a beloved pet.

Playful Graveyard Pumpkin

Graveyard by kelz0_666

Why we picked this: This reader used paint and ghoulish stickers to create a graveyard scene we adore. Ghosts fly in the background and peek out behind branches while goofy jack-o'-lanterns gab near headstones. This pumpkin is playful from base to stem!

Black Cat Pumpkin

Glowing Eyes Kitty by tjackson_1971

Why we picked this: Instead of simply carving a kitty, this reader decided to create one. Marble eyes, pipe-cleaner whiskers, a cute gem collar, and a cotton-ball tail come together to form a frightful feline. For once we hope you do cross paths with this black cat!

Green Witch Pumpkin

Witchy witch by angelnurse6969

Why we picked this: We love the thoughtful-yet-spooky look on this witch's face. A hat, creepy cauldron, and ghastly green wig take the presentation up a notch.

Editor's Tips: Although the stem worked well to hold up the bewitching hat, it could also serve as a witch-worthy nose.

Glittery Pumpkin Centerpiece

3 Pumpkin Table Centerpiece: by jessicadaniel5

Why we picked this: We admire the untraditional route this reader took in decorating these three sparkly pumpkins. Paint and shiny stickers were used to give each pumpkin its own special glow. Better yet, this reader didn't puncture her pumpkins, so they'll be spooking guests longer than they would have had they been carved.

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