Easy No-Carve Halloween Pumpkins

Try these easy no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas to avoid injuries and create perfect pumpkins without carving. These easy pumpkin designs will have the whole family NOT carving this year.

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    Hedgehog Pumpkin

    Create a prickly friend that is almost as cute as a real hedgehog using just felt, candy, glue and a faux pumpkin! This adorable project is a perfect no-carve pumpkin to create with the kids, and makes an extra sweet table centerpiece.

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    Decoupage Pumpkin

    You won't believe how easy these patterned pumpkins are - use decoupage glue to add leftover wrapping paper, patterned craft paper or fabric strips to the outside of a faux pumpkin. Create them to match your fall style, and simply recover with a different material next year! 

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    Dried Floral Pumpkin

    This insanely pretty (and easy!) pumpkin will be the focal point of your fall decor this year. All it takes is a few dried flowers and some glue! Cover the pumpkin in bright blooms that match the colors of your fall decor, and use as a table centerpiece or as a bright pop of color in a room. 

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    Animal Pumpkins

    Turn your front porch into a zoo of no-carve animal creations with a few easy embellishments! Use felt and pipe cleaners to create animal faces and whiskers, and get creative with the stem placement for an adorable elephant. Prop the pumpkins on covered cans and use felt or cardboard to add arms and legs - and don't forget a tail! 

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    Adorable Yarn Pumpkins

    Swap out a traditional jack-o-lantern for adorable crafted pumpkins that perfectly match your Halloween decor. Brightly-colored yarn and hot glue are all you need to create these fun and festive pumpkins that will last for months! 

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    Temporary Tattoo Pumpkin

    Put a modern twist on mini pumpkins this year with a collection of temporary tattoos. All you need is a few tattoo designs and a little water to turn ordinary pumpkins into beautiful fall creations. Tattoo a real pumpkin that will last months longer than a carved one - or use a faux pumpkin to create a stunning reusable fall decoration! 

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    Candy Covered Pumpkin

    Candy isn't just for trick-or-treating! Use it to decorate this adorable no-carve pumpkin. To get the look, simply glue brightly colored candy onto a faux pumpkin. Use as party of an indoor centerpiece or display. 

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    Leafy Centerpiece Pumpkin

    Display your favorite fall foliage colors with simple decoupage. Set leaves between paper towels and flatten them under a book for at least five days. Then brush decoupage glue on a white pumpkin and arrange the leaves. Cut small slits along the edges of the leaves as you go so they'll fit the pumpkin's contours. To finish, coat the decorated surface in decoupage glue.

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    Disco Ball Pumpkin

    Shimmery silver paint helps this pumpkin shine bright. Get the look by painting squares in a grid pattern or use silver tape squares for the easiest disco pattern. 

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    Owl Pal Pumpkin

    Two pumpkins, glue, paper, scissors, and a few straight pins are all you need to create this wide-eye friend. First stack a round pumpkin (for the head) on top of a larger, oblong pumpkin (for the body). (Secure with hot glue if needed.) Use our free patterns and construction paper to create the owl's clever features. Attach the pieces to the pumpkins using glue and pins.

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    Painting a Creepy Crow

    Skip the messy carving and opt for a little black paint to create a creepy crow this Halloween.

    Get more inspiration for Painted Pumpkins.

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    Candy Corn Painted Pumpkins

    Create sweet Halloween decorations by spray painting pumpkins in three wide bands to look like candy corn. These yummy-looking decorations require no carving, and will draw in trick-or-treaters looking for real candy to eat!


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    Skeleton Head Pumpkin

    With its goofy grin and stylish top hat, this friendly skeleton pumpkin is more silly than bone-chilling. Spray-paint a butternut squash white. Download the free pattern and transfer it onto the painted squash. Using a small paintbrush, paint the cranial fissures, the nose, and the smile with black crafts paint. Transfer the eye pattern pieces onto black felt, cut out, and hot-glue to the squash as shown. Hot-glue 1-inch-diameter metal washers to the felt ovals for the pupils. Glue a purchased miniature top hat to the top of the squash. For extra Halloween fun, display on a skeleton candle stand like the one shown here.

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    Pumpkin with Ribbons

    Use a mix of different ribbon and rickrack to decorate your pumpkin. For a quick and easy method, start at the top of the pumpkin near the stem, and hot-glue the trim along the veins of the pumpkin.

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