Super-Fast Pumpkins Made with Kitchen Tools

Get these easy pumpkin designs using tools you probably have. A clay-loop tool, melon baller, apple corer, cookie cutter, and biscuit cutter make great pumpkin sculpting tools for tons of pretty and easy pumpkin ideas. These quick pumpkin designs are easy to whip up in a pinch and will delight your Halloween guests!

Boo-tiful Pumpkin Letters

This big "Boo!" looks like it took hours, but with the help of apple corers as pumpkin cutting tools, large letters are easy to knock out. Use a washable marker to draw a letter or initials on your pumpkin, and use the apple corer to punch along lines. Create a letter on each pumpkin to spell out the spooky message. Be sure you get the scary point across by using a serrated knife and a metal biscuit cutter to create a simple exclamation mark.

Tip: For thick pumpkins, use a rubber mallet to help pound through the walls.

Cookie Cutter Carving

Mix and match cookie cutters for the cutest carved pumpkin. This easy pumpkin design starts with moon and star cookie cutters. Try painting your pumpkin first for more impact. 

Polka Dot Pumpkins

To make this sophisticated design, use a plunger-type apple core cutter to punch through the pumpkin's rind to create a perfectly round hole. Leave the holes open for a glowing look, or buy different colored gourds and switch out the different colors of plugs.

Cute Ghost Pumpkin

Gaping holes scream old-fashioned jack-o'-lantern. Use a rubber mallet to tap a metal biscuit cutter into a white pumpkin to cut eyes and mouth. Cut pupils and teeth from the eye sections with an apple corer. Attach pupils and teeth with toothpicks, and dribble a few seeds out of the pumpkin's mouth for extra spookiness.

Fall Flower Carved Pumpkins

You don't have to remove the pulp for these pretty pumpkin flower designs. Using a clay-loop tool allows you to etch a design, leaving the shell intact so your pumpkin lasts longer than a carved one. Start by sketching your outline with a washable marker. Use your thumb to stabilize your hand when cutting with the clay-loop tool. We love this floral design, which uses different colored plugs (cut with an apple corer) as the centers.

Spotted Pumpkin Carving

This simple pumpkin design is all about polka dots! To create, use a melon baller to scoop out perfectly round balls. Don't push it completely through the skin. A candle will make the circles glow at night.

Pretty Pumpkin Tower

Combine your pumpkin scratching and apple-corer techniques to make a pretty pumpkin tower. Select several colors of pumpkins or gourds and swap out the plugs, then etch swirling vines onto their surface. If you don't have a clay-loop tool, vegetable peelers make good pumpkin shaving tools as well.

Fall Leaves Carved Pumpkin

Two fall motifs—pumpkins and leaves—join forces in these no-carve pumpkin ideas. Use a leaf-shape metal cookie cutter (avoid copper cutters, as they bend easily) to punch out leaf shapes from a white pumpkin and an orange pumpkin, then switch out the shapes. Use your vegetable peeler or clay-loop tool to scratch out branches.

Flower Cookie Cutter Pumpkins

Here's another fun way to use cookie cutters and an apple corer to make pumpkin flower designs: Punch out the flower shapes from different pumpkins with a non-copper cutter, then remove the center of each flower with an apple corer. Insert various colors back into the pumpkins as desired.  

This couldn't-be-easier pumpkin-carving method involves a cheap tool and very little time. Sounds like a winning combination for your Halloween display!

Carve with an Apple Corer

Get our best tips and watch how to carve a pumpkin with an apple corer. It couldn't be easier! 

Drilled Pumpkin Pattern

Transform a pumpkin into a glowing pumpkin latern with an apple corer and drill. Use an apple corer to create large spots. Add smaller accents with a power drill or sharp skewer. A light insides sets the pretty pumpkin aglow.

Daisy Carved Pumpkins

This bold pumpkin pops thanks to colorful flowers. This easy pumpkin flower design begins in your kitchen with cookie cutters. An apple corer makes the perfect round center. 

Geometric Pumpkins

These patterned pumpkins shine thanks to designs made with an apple corer. To create, sketch your pattern on the pumpkin and use various size corers to create the geometric pattern. 

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