DIY Constellation Pumpkin

This oh-so-easy geometric design adds a modern twist to the classic Halloween jack-o-lantern. This drilled pumpkin twinkles and shines thanks to a pop of paint and your favorite constellation pattern.

Creating the perfect drilled pumpkin design has never been so easy. With a drill, a constellation print-out and a few candles, you can enjoy a beautiful constellation design from your own front porch.  Try making two or three pumpkins and displaying them together like the night sky. 

What You'll Need

  • Pumpkin (fake or real) 
  • Navy, black and white craft paint
  • Paint brush
  • Tooth brush
  • Paper plate
  • Cup of water
  • Drill or nail 
  • Knife 
  • Constellation print-out
  • Pins
  • White marker
  • Battery operated lights or candle

How to Make It

1. Mix together navy and black paint and paint the pumpkin, covering the pumpkin's surface completely. Water down the white paint and use a tooth brush and paint brush to splatter on the starry background. Continue this process until you have reached the desired amount of stars and allow to dry. 

5. Cut a small portion from the back of the pumpkin. If you are using a real pumpkin, remove the insides. Make the hole large enough to accomodate a candle or battery operated light. The key to making this constellation shine is using enough light. 

2. Print out or draw a constellation pattern that matches the size of your pumpkin. Use straight pins to pin the constellation pattern to the front of the pumpkin, making sure to leave room around each star location. 

We chose contellations that had long, bold lines and serveral stars. 

3. Using a drill or a long nail, create holes at each star location. Complete all holes before you remove the paper to ensure that the space between the stars is the same as the paper design. 


4. Brush off any excess pumpkin core that may have been left behind by the drill, touching up with the navy paint if necessary. Use the white marker to outline the hole at each star location and draw straight lines to connect each star.

6. Place a set of battery operated twinkle lights or a candle inside the pumpkin. We chose to use a faux pumpkin so this bold design will last year after year. 

Get our favorite painted pumpkin ideas. 


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