Beads-and-Wire-Trimmed Pumpkin

Decorate a moon-white pumpkin with an intricate Native American design.

Gold wire, bugle beads, and seed beads combine in this craft project to create a decorating that celebrates the spirit of the first Thanksgiving. Although we chose a white pumpkin for its unique appeal, you could perform similar decorating magic with a typical orange pumpkin.

What You Need:

  • White pumpkin
  • 26-gauge gold wire
  • Iridescent bugle beads in blue and white
  • Iridescent seed beads in blue and orange
  • Wooden skewer or ice pick


Start with the beaded band. Cut several 1-inch-long pieces of wire to attach the bugle beads. Slip a blue bead onto a wire, center it, and bend the ends down. Press the ends into the pumpkin, about one-third of the way from the top. Continue adding bugle beads in a zigzag line around the pumpkin until completed.

Add the wire bugle beads in the same manner, adding alternating colors of seed beads to the ends. Insert these pieces vertically where each blue zigzag points down as shown.

To make coils from the stem to the beaded banding, cut 8-inch lengths (longer or shorter depending on the size of the pumpkin) of wire. Leaving 1 inch at each end, wrap the wire piece around a wooden skewer or ice pick. Remove and poke one end into the pumpkin next to the stem. Following a groove in the pumpkin, pull the wire down and poke the remaining end in the pumpkin, just above the beaded banding. Continue adding coils to the pumpkin top, following the grooves or as desired. Add 2-inch coils below the beaded banding as shown.

Variations: If you would prefer to use an orange pumpkin, use beads in purple, black, and lime green. For a more contemporary look, use colorful plastic-coated wires to make the long and short spirals.


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