Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts & Other Iconic Halloween Pumpkin Stencils

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Look no further than the classics for pumpkin carving ideas. Our free pumpkin carving stencils help you adorn your porch with favorite Halloween designs. Witches, werewolves, black cats, and more—there are simple pumpkin stencils for any age and ability.

Haunted Mansion Stencil

Check your pulse at the door of this haunted mansion. Its glowing windows are easily cut out with our pumpkin carving pattern.

Howling Wolf Stencil

Full moons turn even the friendliest creatures into scary monsters. To create, simply start with our free pumpkin stencil. 

Creepy Crow Stencil

A crow sits on a branch waiting to spook the next passerby. Use the crow stencil to paint the bird on rather than carving it.

Frankenstein Stencil

Frankenstein has escaped—and he's making his way to your yard.

Flying Witch Stencil

Guests will be spellbound when they see this spooky flying witch, made with our free pumpkin stencils.

Skeleton Stencil

This bony guy is a funny addition to any yard. Our pumpkin carving templates help you replicate his toothy grin.

Skull-and-Crossbones Stencil

Aye, matey! Simple pumpkin designs allow you to raise the pirate flag in your own yard. 

Witch Stencil

Make your pumpkins cackle with this leering witch stencil—warts included. Download our free pumpkin carving stencil and you're all set for a spook-tacular Halloween.

Ghostly Greeter Stencil

Greet guests with a "Boo!" All it takes is printing, tracing, and carving. 

Owl Stencil

Whooooo wouldn't want this nocturnal creature on their pumpkin? All it takes is carving a few simple shapes. 

Vampire Face Stencil

Scary eyes and sharp teeth let you know this vampire is on the prowl. Our simple pumpkin stencils help you get his pointy collar just right.

Flying Bat Stencil

This simple pumpkin carving idea is great for beginners. Try decorating your front porch with this spooky bat flying into the night. 

Bat Stencil

For a slightly more complex version, try this hanging bat. Wire a small twig to your pumpkin to give it a branch to hang on to. 

Vampire with Cape Stencil

Late-night scaring is this cloaked vampire's specialty. Getting the cape pattern just right is the secret to outlining this creature of the night.

Feline Stencil

This cat is so cute, you'll want to cuddle with it. After you carve it, jazz up your pumpkin with foam cutout ears, a ribbon bow, and chenille stem whiskers.

Fangs Stencil

Watch your Halloween candy! These sharp teeth are looking for a tasty treat.

Spider Stencil

Need an easy pumpkin carving idea? A creepy crawly spider will have trick-or-treaters scurrying.

Paw Print Stencil

One of our simple pumpkin designs is this paw print that'll have trick-or-treaters looking out for the werewolf who left it. 

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