Sitting Jack-o'-Lantern Scarecrow

Decorate this pumpkin scarecrow with a flock of artificial ravens for an eerie Halloween yard display.

What You'll Need

  • Pumpkin (approximately the size of a human head)
  • Marker or pen (to transfer pattern)
  • Knife or carving tools
  • Shirt
  • Overalls
  • Straw
  • PVC Pipe
  • Heavy-duty wire
  • Artificial birds
  • Battery-operated candle

Download the free pattern

How to Make It

  1. Download the free pattern and transfer it onto a pumpkin that has been cleaned out. Note: You should cut the access hole on the bottom of the pumpkin -- roughly the same size as the PVC pipe that you will be inserting later. Using a knife or carving tools, cut out the openings.
  2. Stuff a shirt and overalls with straw to make a scarecrow body. Cut a 3- to 4-inch PVC pipe long enough to fit through the torso of the body and up into the pumpkin. Slide the "head" onto the pipe through the hole in the bottom of the pumpkin.
  3. Wire the pipe to the back of a bench or chair where the scarecrow will be seated to secure the display.
  4. Wire artificial birds to the scarecrow, pumpkin, and bench. Pose the birds as desired.
  5. Use a battery-operated candle to illuminate the pumpkin. (A lighted candle could become a fire hazard.)


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