Printable Vampire & Werewolf Pumpkin Stencils

Make your pumpkins sparkle like Edward this Halloween with vampire and werewolf stencils that you¿re sure to love -- especially at twilight.

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    Hands with Apple Stencil

    The iconic look of Edward's hands holding an apple graced the cover of "Twilight." Now you can carve them as a pumpkin to grace your porch this Halloween.

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    Bella Stencil

    The Twilight heroine's name means "beauty," and you can carve it for yourself in a pumpkin declaring your love of vampires.

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    Vampire with Cape

    Want a quick pumpkin-carving pattern that shows off a regal vampire? Carve this fellow for your Halloween display.

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    VAMPIRES Stencil

    It's the word Edward wants to hear Bella say when she realizes what he is. Carve the word "vampires" to haunt your Halloween porch this holiday.

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    Edward Stencil

    He's handsome and intriguing -- and the love of Bella's life. Now he's yours in this free pumpkin stencil.

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    Jacob Stencil

    Prefer Jacob's looks and swagger to Edward's haunting physique? Carve Jacob's name as a symbol of your affection this Halloween.

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    I Heart Stencil

    Use this clever carving with another stencil (such as Jacob or Edward's name) to show your true love on Halloween night.

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    Bat Stencil

    Although the Cullens and their clan don't turn into bats, the lore of vampires says that they can take on this disguise to travel.

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    Paw Print Stencil

    Prove your love of werewolves with a paw print stencil. Trick-or-treaters may come looking for Jacob!

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    BITTEN Stencil

    Transform your pumpkin with the word "bitten" to show your passion for vampires on Halloween.

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    Fangs Stencil

    The traditional vampire fangs take center stage in this hauntingly simple carving that even new pumpkin carvers can master.

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    Howling Wolf Stencil

    Jacob or one of his pack members (maybe Seth, Leah, Quil, or Embry) is howling at the moon in this glowing pumpkin stencil.

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    Welcome to Forks Stencil

    Welcome trick-or-treaters into your home with a sign declaring that you're in Forks, home of Bella, Jacob, Edward, and the entire Cullen clan.

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    SPARKLE with Stars Stencil

    Do you know how a vampire's skin reacts to sunlight? Bella loves the look of Edward's skin when it sparkles.

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    Pawn Stencil

    The cover of "Breaking Dawn" shows a pawn, much like this one. Show your support for the saga with an easy pumpkin-carving pattern.

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    GLITTER with Stars Stencil

    A vampire's skin is beautiful and glittery in the sunlight; it's one of the reasons the Cullen clan chose the rainy town of Forks to live in.

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    Vampire Face

    Need a quick pumpkin-carving pattern? This one has an iconic vampire face, complete with fangs.

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    BLOOD Stencil

    Blood is the food that vampires crave, and it's what often gets Bella in trouble around Edward and his family.

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    SMILE Stencil

    A wicked smile may cross the face of a vampire right before he goes after his victim.

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    Lion Stencil

    Remember when Edward tells Bella about how he, a lion fell in love with Bella, a lamb? Use this pumpkin-carving pattern to recall it.

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    Lamb Stencil

    Edward describes Bella as a lamb that he falls in love with. Carve a pretty lamb image to show your affection for Bella.

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    Sunglasses Stencil

    To help hide their face from the sun, Edward and the other Cullens often wear sunglasses. Carve these simple shades into your pumpkin this Halloween.

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