Any owner of a Yorkshire terrier knows that this breed is a pint-size personality bomb. (A charming personality, we might add!) So we designed this pumpkin stencil with a Yorkie's characteristic charisma in mind. And with this pumpkin's wispy, etched fur and softly glowing, carved eyes, we think we came pretty close! Download our free stencil to add classic Yorkie charm to your Halloween pumpkin display.

By Jessica Tull
Yorkshire Terrier carved pumpkin stencil with Yorkie model

You might notice that your carved pumpkin will be larger than your actual Yorkshire terrier, and that's a good thing! As tempting as it might be to reduce the pattern size to create a tiny, life-size Yorkie (because how cute would that be?), reducing pattern sizes on detailed pumpkin stencils can result in sections that are too tiny to precisely carve. If your printed pattern is too large for your pumpkin, we recommend buying a larger pumpkin and using your smaller one for pie.

free yorkshire terrier stencil pattern

To carve:

1. Flip your pumpkin on its side, and carve a circle in the bottom of your pumpkin with a skinny, serrated knife. Remove the cutout and level it with a knife; you'll use it later as a candle platform.

2. Scoop out the pumpkin innards with a metal ice cream scoop or your hands, setting the seeds aside to toast later as a snack. Select the pumpkin side you're planning to carve (flat sides are best!) and scrape the pumpkin's interior wall thinnest on that side, preferably no more than 1" thick.

3. Tape your stencil to the outside of the pumpkin and use a poking tool to prick holes along the stencil lines. Go slowly and be thorough, keeping pin marks within 1/8" of each other. When all the stencil lines have been transferred, tear off the pumpkin stencil and keep it nearby for reference.

4. Locate areas on the stencil that are within dotted lines, and etch those areas by removing the pumpkin's surface skin with a gouge or electric etching tool. Be careful not to puncture through the pumpkin wall.

5. Locate areas on the stencil that are within solid lines, and carve those areas with a skinny, serrated crafts knife. Saw slowly and gently along the pin-prick lines, and leave cutout sections in place until you've finished carving the entire design. Pop out cutout sections by applying gentle pressure from within the pumpkin.

6. Set a lit candle (flameless or regular) on the pumpkin cutout from Step 1, and place your carved pumpkin over the top of the circle.


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