We're not sure why this pumpkin's smile is so wistful. Maybe he's remembering fond days gone by, when he was just a mini pumpkin on the vine? Or he could just be admiring the harvest moon. Whatever the case, this carved pumpkin's wide smile and upturned eyes will be a sweet-natured addition to your Halloween decor.


Before carving this fellow's friendly features, set aside some time with the kids to clean your pumpkin together. A room temperature pumpkin is easiest to clean, and ice cream scoops work wonderfully to clear out all the messy parts. Don't forget to toast pumpkin seeds afterward, too!

free wistful grin stencil pattern

To carve:

1. Hollow out your pumpkin by following the tips above. Print out the free stencil pattern, and tape it to the pumpkin's surface.

2. Use a push pin to puncture the paper through to pumpkin's surface, making closely spaced pin pricks and following along the stencil lines. Tear off the paper pattern once all stencil lines have been transferred.

3. With a thin, serrated knife, cut along the pin pricks to carve out pumpkin features. Press from inside the pumpkin to pop out cutout sections.

4. Add a candle to the pumpkin's interior, and light the candle to make your pumpkin's face shine.


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