Victorian Flourish Pumpkin Stencil

Victorian flourishes are gorgeously intricate, which makes them tricky candidates for pumpkin carving. Luckily, we designed our pumpkin stencil with simplified elegance in mind; it's partly carved, partly etched, and completely lovely.

If you're planning to use a regular candle to light up this Victorian flourish, you may wish to create an additional hole in the back of the pumpkin to function as a chimney. For less-visible placement, try carving your chimney hole behind the pumpkin stem.

To carve:

1. Cut a circle in the bottom of your pumpkin to access its inner seeds and guts, and pull out all the yucky stuff with a scoop. Create a candle platform by leveling the surface of the cut pumpkin circle with your knife.

2. Place the printed Victorian flourish pattern against the pumpkin's side and secure it with tape. Score the pattern onto the pumpkin's exterior with a pin tool by poking closely spaced holes along the pattern lines.

3. Take down the pattern and keep it close by for reference. Review the pattern to find etched sections, which are surrounded by dotted lines. Shave off the pumpkin skin from these sections with an etching power tool or a sharp razor blade.

4. Review the pattern to find carved sections, which are surrounded by solid lines. Remove these sections by carving along the pin holes with a woodcutting knife and pressing on the carved sections gently from the pumpkin's interior.

5. Place a battery-operated candle on your prepared candle platform and set your carved pumpkin over the top.


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