Our menacing vampire stencil cuts an impressive figure on a Halloween pumpkin. With his cape collar raised high and eyes fixed in an evil leer, this bloodsucker is all business. Add his fanged face to your porch pumpkin display by downloading our free stencil.

By Jessica Tull

If you've never etched a pumpkin before, don't worry! It's easier than you might think to create lovely etched details (like this vampire's high collar), and this straightforward stencil is a perfect first project for the technique. Helpful hint: Etch before you carve! This decreases the likelihood of accidental breakage.

free vampire face stencil pattern

To carve:

1. Carve a circle in the underside of your pumpkin, and use a knife to carefully pry the circle out. Level the circle with a knife; you'll use it as a candle platform later.

2. Clear out the pumpkin's messy innards, and decide which side of the pumpkin you'll carve (look for the smoothest, flattest side). Scrape the pumpkin's inner wall on that side, shaving away the pulp until the pumpkin wall is about 1" thick.

3. Tape your printed stencil pattern to the outside of the pumpkin, and use a push pin to create holes along the pattern lines. Keep pin pricks closely spaced.

4. Tear off the printed pattern, and carve along the pin pricks with a thin, serrated knife. Remove excess pumpkin pieces after completely carving the pattern.

5. Set a flameless candle on the leveled pumpkin circle cutout, and set your carved pumpkin over the top.


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