Uncertain Face Emoticon Pumpkin Stencil

Are you on the fence about Halloween decorating options? Maybe you were unimpressed by kitschy gauze ghosts, or unmoved by novelty hanging skeletons. If so, this pumpkin stencil might reflect your face right now... which is all the more reason to make a bold leap and carve it! Click decisively on the button below to download our free stencil.

Uncertain about how to select a fresh pumpkin? No worries; we'll spell it all out. Start by examining the pumpkin's stem: It should look fresh and green, and it should be firmly attached when you tug on it. Next, run your hands along the outside of the pumpkin; pumpkins with soft spots will age quickly. Finally, pick up the gourd (by its body, not its stem!) and test its weight; good-quality pumpkins will feel heavy for their size.

To carve:

1. Fasten your printed uncertain-face pumpkin stencil to the side of a hollowed-out pumpkin with clear tape. 

2. With a needle tool, pierce closely spaced holes (about 1/8" apart) along the stencil lines to outline the design. Be certain to puncture both the paper and the pumpkin skin below.

3. Tear off the stencil and carve along the needle holes with a skinny, serrated woodcutting knife. Nudge out carved sections by pressing on them with your fingers and wipe carved edges with petroleum jelly to preserve them.

4. Illuminate your stonefaced design with a LED or regular candle.


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