Tulip Garland Pumpkin Stencil

The weather may be turning cold and blustery, but it's always spring in our hearts. Carve this sweet floral pumpkin stencil across your Halloween gourd as a delicate reminder of warmer times! Download our free stencil pattern by clicking below.

When transferring this tulip garland pattern onto your pumpkin, it helps to smooth down the paper with your hands as you tape. You can also fold the edges of the paper under, pleating them slightly so the page rests more tightly against the pumpkin. And if the printed pattern doesn't conform exactly to your pumpkin's shape, don't worry. Winding irregularities are part of a garland's charm!

To carve:

1. Cut out the bottom of your pumpkin and scrape out the slimy strings and seeds with a stiff metal spoon. On the side of the pumpkin you're planning to carve, scrape the pumpkin's interior pulp until the pumpkin wall is about 1" thick.

2. Secure the printed tulip garland pattern to the side of your pumpkin, following our tips above. Copy the pattern onto the pumpkin's skin by poking along pattern lines with a needle tool, piercing closely spaced holes in the surface of the pumpkin. Detach the pattern, and keep it handy.

3. Find pattern areas surrounded by dotted lines, and etch those areas with a gouge or sharp razor blade. To etch, simply whittle away at the pumpkin's skin, uncovering the light-orange rind beneath.

4. Find pattern areas surrounded by solid lines, and carve those areas with a sharp, skinny wood-cutting knife. Nudge carved areas outward by pressing on the pieces from inside the pumpkin.


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