TTYL Pumpkin Stencil

Need a quick getaway from your talkative neighbor? Just point to this pumpkin and wave! Fast exits are easily forgiven when you leave a cute and catchy pumpkin in your wake. Download our free pumpkin stencil to make your own.

Once you carve one text message stencil, we bet you'll want to carve more. They're oddly addicting that way! Try grouping lots of text pumpkins together for a techy vignette; if you're feeling ambitious, etch freehand cell phones around the messages for extra context.

To carve:

1. Log in to to print our free TTYL stencil. Place the printed stencil against the side of your pumpkin to check its size; if necessary, resize the stencil with a copier to better fit your pumpkin.

2. With a skinny crafts knife, carve a circle in the bottom of your pumpkin and pry it out. Lop off the pulpy side of the circle with your knife, creating a flat surface on which to rest a candle. Pull out the messy seeds and goo, and scrape the pumpkin walls clean with a metal ice cream scoop or scraper tool.

3. Tape your TTYL pattern to the pumpkin's side, and copy the design onto the pumpkin surface by outlining the letters with closely spaced holes. To create the holes, jab a needle tool through the paper and the pumpkin's surface with a pin tool; keep holes within 1/8" of each other for best results. 

4. Tear off the stencil, and carve the pattern with your knife, sawing gently along the holes. Dislodge the cutout sections by pressing on them with your fingers.

5. Add a candle on the top of the prepared pumpkin circle, and set your carved pumpkin over it.


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