We're head-over-heels for this Taylor Swift pumpkin stencil. Seriously, it's a love story. With Taylor's flowing tresses and rock-star looks etched on this stunning pumpkin, you'll leave no doubt about who your favorite musician happens to be. You'll also leave no doubt about your master carving skills! Download our free stencil by clicking below.

Taylor Swift pumpkin

For a pumpkin interior that looks as professional as its superstar exterior, we use a clay modeling tool known as a "trimming loop." After scooping out the pumpkin seeds and stringy parts, we skim the pumpkin's interior walls with this tool to smooth out the pulp. It's also useful for thinning the pumpkin's interior wall on the side we're planning to carve. Discarding excess pumpkin pulp is easy: Just upend the pumpkin over a trash can, and shake it off... er, out.

free taylor swift stencil pattern

To carve:

1. Clean out your pumpkin using the tips above, and scrape the pumpkin's interior wall to no more than 1" thickness on the side you intend to carve. Tape your printed Taylor Swift stencil to the side of the pumpkin.

2. Use a pushpin to poke holes along the pattern lines. (Hint: Keep pin holes within 1/8" for best results; closely spaced holes create an easy-to-follow carving guide.) Detach the stencil after you've transferred all lines onto the pumpkin, and keep it nearby.

3. Refer to your stencil to find areas surrounded by dotted lines, and etch those areas. To etch, use an etching power tool or gouge to scrape off the pumpkin's outer surface skin.

4. Refer to your stencil to find areas surrounded by solid lines, and carve those areas. Use a thin, serrated knife to gently saw along the pin holes created in Step 2. (Hint: Allow carved pumpkin pieces to remain in place until after you've carved the entire design; this decreases the likelihood of accidental breakage.)

5. Remove carved pumpkin pieces by pressing on them gently from inside the pumpkin, popping them toward the surface. Light your pumpkin with a candle.


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