Question: What's better than a text or a candy heart and more seasonally appropriate for gifting in October? Answer: A pumpkin inscribed with this tender text message. Grab your pumpkin-carving tools and download our free stencil -- there's crafting to do!

By Jessica Tull

Ready for a sweetheart of a tool tip? Try using a pattern wheel to transfer the stencil design onto your pumpkin. While ordinarily used for sewing, this tool's spiked wheel makes tracing pumpkin stencil patterns a quicker task. Just roll the pattern wheel along the stencil lines, pressing firmly as you go.

free sweet<3 stencil pattern

To carve:

1. Sign in to to download and print our free SWEET<3 stencil pattern. Press the printed pattern against the pumpkin's side and smooth it down, taping it in place.

2. Use a push pin (or pattern wheel, as described in the caption, above) to outline the stencil design, creating closely spaced pin holes in both the paper and the pumpkin skin below. (Hint: Keep pin holes about 1/8" apart for best results.)

3. Tear off the printed stencil, and saw along the pin holes with a serrated crafts knife. Pop out carved pieces by pressing on them with your fingers and discard them.


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