Any other spider is fair game for the broom, but as for this oddly cute arachnid... We'll let him live on the porch. With our free pumpkin stencil and step-by-step instructions, it's easy to create your own softly glowing pumpkin web and hand-sketched creepy crawler. Just sign in to to download our free pattern!

By Jessica Tull

It's easy to create a translucent glow through this spooky etched spiderweb: Just grab a gouge and a small flashlight. As you chisel away the pumpkin skin within the spiderweb pattern, check your progress periodically by shining the flashlight at the pattern from the inside of the pumpkin. If you can see a glow, you've etched deeply enough! A paper towel also comes in handy for wiping away shreds of pumpkin skin as you etch.

free spooky spider stencil pattern

To carve:

1. With a sharp knife, carve a circle in your pumpkin's bottom and remove the circle cutout by prying it out. Reach through the opening with an ice cream scoop and use it to remove all the seeds and goo. Use your knife to cut off the pulpy surface of the pumpkin circle, creating a flat platform for resting a candle.

2. Place the printed pattern against the exterior of your pumpkin, taping the paper in place and smoothing it with your hands. (Hint: Choose the smoothest, prettiest side of the pumpkin to place your design.)

3. Trace the spiderweb pattern onto the pumpkin by piercing along the stencil lines with a needle tool, creating tightly spaced holes. (Note: It's not necessary to trace the spider design; you will sketch the spider later.) Carefully remove the paper stencil and keep it nearby.

4. Etch along the needle holes with a gouge, removing the pumpkin's top layer of skin and exposing the light-color rind below. (Note: Take care not to puncture through the pumpkin wall while etching. Follow our etching tips in the stencil caption, above, for best results.)

5. With a black permanent marker, sketch a spider in the center of the web design, using the spider design on the stencil as a guide.

6. Place a battery-operated votive candle on the prepared candle platform circle and set your carved pumpkin over the top.


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