Spider Web and Boo Pumpkin Stencils

Light up your porch with an easy-to-carve "Boo!" in a chunky stencil font that makes a spooky companion for a DIY web made from pin nails and string.

black and white pumpkins

We spray-painted our pumpkins before carving to make the cutout features really pop. One coat is all you need for this project; just be sure to let the pumpkins dry completely before carving.

To carve:

1. Hollow out two pumpkins, one large and one medium. Spray-paint the large pumpkin black and the medium pumpkin white, and allow both to dry.

2. Print the provided stencil patterns, and tape the pattern to each pumpkin, using the photo as a placement guide. Use a pin to make closely spaced pricks along the stencil lines.

3. Remove the printed patterns, and use a thin, serrated knife to carve along the pinpricks. Remove carved sections by pressing pieces gently from the inside of the pumpkin.

3. Tap in pin nails along the outside edges of the spiderweb opening, and wrap white thread around the nails to create a web with straight threads around the outside and a spiral thread swirling in the middle.

4. Light your pumpkins' interiors, and enjoy the spooky glow.

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