If your decor is a little less shabby chic and a little more "howdy, y'all!," we have just the pumpkin stencil for you. We adapted the classic Southwestern diamond pattern into this etched, mirrored beauty. Hit the trails to find your perfect pumpkin, and then come right back to download our free stencil.

By Jessica Tull

Unless you're planning to light this etched pumpkin, there's no need to cut it open and hollow it out. If you do plan to light it, cut a circle in the pumpkin's underside to pull out its interior guts. By carving into the bottom of your pumpkin (not its top), you retain a seamless appearance for photographs. (And, yes, a pumpkin this lovely deserves its picture taken!)

free southwestern diamond stencil pattern

To carve:

1. Sign in to BHG.com, and click above to access our free Southwestern diamond pattern. Print the pattern, and secure the page against the side of your pumpkin with tape.

2. Use a pin tool to pierce along the stencil lines, outlining the diamond shape with closely spaced pin holes. (Hint: Space pin holes approximately 1/8" apart for detailed results.)

3. Remove the stencil pattern, and keep it close by for reference. With an etching tool or gouge, etch pattern sections surrounded by dotted lines by scraping away the pumpkin skin within these areas. Wipe off shreds of pumpkin skin with a paper towel.


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