Snarling Face Pumpkin Stencil

Somebody took this pumpkin stencil's candy bag, and he wants it back, pronto. (Frankly, if someone stole our hard-earned candy, we'd be snarling, too!) With his furrowed brow and glaring eyes, this jack-o'-lantern face will make sure all the trick-or-treaters toe the line. Add his expressive mug to your Halloween decor by downloading our free stencil.

This grouch's mouth is formed by a couple swooping curves, but if your version comes out a little jagged, don't give up! We used a sharp, triangle-headed clay-modeling tool to skim ragged pumpkin edges, trimming them into a smoother line. But remember: Visible errors will be less noticeable in the dim of the evening -- candlelight is very forgiving!

To carve:

1. Print out our free downloadable stencil pattern and resize it with a copier, if necessary. Tape the pattern to the side of a pumpkin that you've gutted and scraped.

2. Outline the stencil lines with tightly spaced holes by using a needle tool to pierce through the paper into the pumpkin's top layer. (Hint: Being thorough in transferring the design will result in more detailed, professional-looking results when carving!)

3. Remove the stencil, and use a serrated woodcutting knife to saw along the needle marks. For best results, carve sections from the center outward. After carving the entire pattern, apply pressure to the carved sections from within the pumpkin and nudge them outward to reveal the design.

4. Place a flameless candle inside the pumpkin to light up the pumpkin's snarling face.


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