Avast, me hearties! If a pirate-themed Halloween party is in your sights this year, you'll be wanting to add this ominous skull-and-crossbones pumpkin stencil to your decor. With its piercing, carved eyes and creepy, etched skull, this pumpkin's a beaut from stem to stern.

By Jessica Tull

This pumpkin stencil makes great use of etching, a technique of peeling off the pumpkin's surface skin without cutting into the interior, for beautiful and bone-chilling results. Experiment with different carving tools, like scrapers and gouging tools, to create the look you want.

free skull-and-crossbones stencil pattern

To carve:

1. Hollow out your pumpkin, scraping the side you're planning to carve to no more than 1" thickness. (Hint: An ice cream scoop is a great tool for scooping out the messy bits!)

2. Affix your printed stencil pattern to the pumpkin with clear tape. Smooth out the sheet as best you can before securing.

3. Use a large pin to pierce holes through the paper and into the pumpkin skin, following the outlines on the stencil pattern. Remove the printed stencil carefully; keep it nearby for reference.

4. Etch the sections within the dotted lines by using a scraping tool to remove just the surface skin.

5. Use a thin wood-cutting knife to carve the stencil sections within the solid lines. Carve from the center outward for best results, and leave cutouts in place until you've finished cutting.

6. Pop out cutouts by pressing from the inside of the pumpkin. Discard extra pumpkin pieces.


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