People say "skeptical" like it's a bad thing, but we think this slant-mouth pumpkin stencil is just questioning Halloween norms and heading on his own path. If you like his leery face, this pumpkin stencil is perfect for you. Don't believe us? Carve it for yourself to find out.

By Becky Rapinchuk

If you don't believe anything else on this page, trust us on this one: Scraping your pumpkin's internal walls is time well-spent. To scrape, just use a stiff metal spoon to pare down the wall to around 1" thickness. By thinning the pulp on the side you're planning to carve, it will be quicker (and require less muscle!) to carve the design later.

free skeptical emoticon stencil pattern

To carve:

1. Smooth your skeptical emoticon stencil against the side of your cleaned-out pumpkin and secure it in place with tape. Pierce along the stencil lines with a wooden skewer, placing tightly spaced holes through the paper and into the pumpkin skin.

2. Tear off the stencil and slice along the holes with a serrated crafts knife. After completely carving the design, prod carved sections outward by pressing on them from inside the pumpkin.

3. To light up your skeptical emoticon pumpkin, place an LED candle inside the hollowed-out pumpkin cavity.


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