Silly Smile Pumpkin Stencil

Need a giggle this Halloween? This silly, smiling pumpkin stencil will deliver that in droves! With his animated expression and uplifted eyebrows (not to mention the broadest smile we've seen yet!), this goofy jack-o'-lantern is ready to amuse the neighborhood. Add his funny face to your porch today, and wait for hilarious hijinks to ensue.

Love this adorable stencil's expressive mug? Keep it around for next year! Carve this stencil pattern into a carvable synthetic pumpkin for reusable Halloween decor. Check out craft stores to purchase these handy gourds.

To carve:

1. Log in to to download the free PDF stencil pattern. Resize the pattern with a copier, if necessary.

2. Tape the pattern to your hollowed-out pumpkin (or synthetic carvable pumpkin, as mentioned in the stencil caption above). Outline the stencil lines with closely spaced holes by using a needle tool to pierce through the paper into the pumpkin's skin.

3. Detach the pattern and use a skinny woodcutting knife to cut along the needle pricks. After carving the entire pattern, press on carved sections from inside the pumpkin to nudge them outward, revealing the design.


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