Silly Face Pumpkin Stencil

Looking for laughs this Halloween? This silly pumpkin stencil will certainly earn a few! His protruding, gap teeth and mismatched, crossed eyes make this funny-face gourd the most expressive pumpkin on the block.

We designed this fun-loving pumpkin stencil with etched pupils for extra detail. For best results (and much less risk of breakage), we recommend etching before carving. It's also helpful to leave cutouts in position until you've finished carving the design; just press gently from the inside of the pumpkin to pop out the carved sections.

To carve:

1. Log into (it's free!) and print out the stencil pattern.

2. Hollow out a pumpkin, and tape the printed pattern onto the pumpkin's surface.

3. Following the stencil outlines, prick holes through the paper into the pumpkin skin. Keep pin pricks close together, roughly 1/8 inch apart.

4. Carefully remove the printed stencil pattern, keeping it nearby. Etch the stencil areas within dotted lines by removing only the surface of the pumpkin skin with a scraping tool. Be sure not to cut through the wall of the pumpkin.

5. Now you're ready to carve. Using a thin, serrated knife (like a linoleum or woodcutting knife), carve along the stencil areas with solid lines. Discard extra pieces of pumpkin.

6. Light the pumpkin's interior with an electric candle.


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