Siamese Cat Pumpkin Stencil

Siamese devotees, this pumpkin stencil is for you! We've captured this graceful breed's elegance and poise in this lovely stencil pattern, featuring the Siamese's distinctive wedge-shape muzzle and long, shell-like ears. Best of all, adorning a pumpkin with your favorite feline's face is surprisingly straightforward. Just download our free pattern and follow the instructions below.

If you're looking for a way to making pumpkin carving easier, we have three words for you: Scrape. Your. Pumpkin. Thinning out the side you're planning to carve means you'll have less pumpkin to saw through and, therefore, less muscle you'll need to put into it. Just don't scrape the pumpkin too thin; that could cause unwanted breakage. A pumpkin wall about 1 inch thick is ideal. 

To carve:

1. Open your pumpkin by cutting a circular hole in its underside (not its top!) and reaching through to remove the pumpkin guts and seeds. Scrape the interior pumpkin walls clean, and scrape the inside wall of the side you're planning to carve to approximately 1 inch thick. (See tip above for additional details.)

2. Download and print the free Siamese cat pumpkin stencil, and secure it to the side of the pumpkin with tape. Copy the pattern onto the pumpkin surface by using a push pin or wooden skewer to jab along the pattern lines, puncturing through both the paper and the pumpkin skin. Keep holes within 1/8 inch of each other for best results.

3. Pull off the pattern, but keep it handy. Refer to the printed pattern to find areas surrounded by dotted lines; etch these sections with a gouge or linoleum-cutter, shaving off the pumpkin's top layer to expose the light color rind below.

4. Refer to the printed pattern to find areas surrounded by solid lines; carve these sections with a thin woodcutting or linoleum-cutting knife, penetrating completely through the pumpkin wall.

5. Push cutout sections out to reveal the Siamese cat design, and discard excess pumpkin pieces. 


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