Sad Emoticon Pumpkin Stencil

Looks like somebody hasn't caught the Halloween spirit! If you're a Halloween curmudgeon, you've just met your pumpkin-stencil soulmate. Go ahead and carve it by downloading our free stencil pattern; we won't tell anyone you had a good time doing it.

Carving a pumpkin with a kitchen knife is a recipe for sadness (and frustration!). We recommend using a skinny serrated blade for pumpkin carving; woodcutting or linoleum cutting knives work well. You can also look in Halloween supply stores for specialty pumpkin-carving knives, which are designed to maneuver well in tight corners.

To carve:

1. Click above to download our free sad-face stencil pattern. Print the pattern and resize it to better fit your pumpkin, if necessary. Smooth the paper against the side of your cleaned-out pumpkin, and tape it into position.

2. Puncture the stencil lines with a wooden skewer or push pin, keeping pin holes tightly spaced. Pull off the paper pattern after transferring the entire sad-face design onto your pumpkin.

3. Carve along the pin holes with one of the knives discussed above. (Hint: For less risk of breakage, use a gentle sawing motion while carving and carve sections from the center outward.)

4. Press on the carved sections from the pumpkin's interior, pushing them out and revealing the sad-face design. 


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