Rottweiler Pumpkin Stencil

Oh, the calm, self-assured Rottweiler! With its iconic eye markings and neatly-folded ears, this breed is simply unmistakable -- as is the Rottie on this lovely pumpkin stencil. Make a statement with your favorite breed this year by carving its confident mug on a pumpkin and setting it out to greet your visitors. Just log in to to get our free stencil!

If you're using a real candle to light your Rottweiler pumpkin, make a chimney in the back of the pumpkin by cutting a small hole for smoke to escape. Flameless candles don't require this extra step, and in our opinion, their flicker is just as lovely.

To carve:

1. Tape your printed stencil to a cleaned-out pumpkin, and use a push pin to prick through the paper into the surface of the pumpkin, following the stencil lines. Keep pin marks closely spaced, and remove the printed stencil when you've marked all the lines.

2. Etch stencil areas that are surrounded by dotted lines. To etch, scrape away the pumpkin's top layer of skin with a gouge or raker tool.

3. Carve stencil areas that are surrounded by solid lines, using a thin, serrated woodcutting knife.

4. Add a candle to your carved pumpkin to illuminate.


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