Rectangular Celtic Knot Pumpkin Stencil

Square and rectangular Celtic knots are commonly known as "shield knots", and they're traditionally thought to ward off evil spirits. With All Hallow's Eve approaching fast, you can't be too careful. Etch this lovely interwoven design onto your porch pumpkin for decorative peace of mind.

This Celtic knot pattern's strong horizontal design works well with broad, flat pumpkins. But if your pumpkin happens to be tall and slender, you can resize the pattern with a photocopier to fit your gourd.

To carve:

1. Sign in to to download and print our free rectangular Celtic knot pattern. If necessary, follow our tips in the stencil caption, above, to resize the pattern to fit your pumpkin. Fasten the pattern to the outside of your pumpkin with clear tape.

2. Pierce along the stencil lines with a pin tool or large nail, piercing the pumpkin skin below. (Hint: For greatest detail, keep pin holes about 1/8" apart.) Remove the stencil after outlining the entire knot pattern.

3. Etch areas within the pin holes by using a chisel or sharp crafts knife to whittle away at the pumpkin's surface skin, revealing the light-orange rind underneath.

4. Coat etched surfaces with a thin layer of petroleum jelly to seal in moisture.


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