If you're fortunate enough to own this amiable toy dog, then you need its friendly little face on a pumpkin, stat. With its thick mane of fur and animated expression, this playful Pomeranian pumpkin stencil will light up your porch with personality. Download our free pumpkin stencil by logging in to BHG.com, and don't worry if you don't have an account yet -- registration is free, too!

By Jessica Tull
Pomeranian Pumpkin

Round pumpkins work well for simple pumpkin-carving designs, but for detailed stencils, like this fuzzy Pomeranian face, look for a pumpkin with a flat side. When selecting a pumpkin, you should also look for even, solid colors; discolorations and rough patches can draw attention away from your design.

free pomeranian stencil pattern

To carve:

1. Cut a circle in the bottom of your pumpkin; clear out the seeds and pulp with a scoop, and scrape the pumpkin wall to roughly 1" thickness on the side you're planning to carve.

2. Tape your printed stencil to the hollowed-out pumpkin, and use a large pin to pierce through the paper and the surface of the pumpkin, following the stencil lines. Keep pin holes closely spaced; you'll use them as a cutting guide. Remove the paper when all stencil lines have been outlined.

3. Etch sections within dotted lines on the stencil by scraping away the pumpkin's top layer with a gouge. Scrape gently to avoid puncturing the pumpkin.

4. Using the pin holes as a guide, carve sections within solid lines on the stencil. For best results, carve sections from the center outward. Once you've finished carving the design, gently push carved sections out by pressing from inside the pumpkin.

5. Light the carved pumpkin with a battery-operated candle.


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