Pointy Leaf Pumpkin Stencil

We get it: Everyone's eyes are on the treetops this time of year. But glance away from the dazzling foliage for just a second, and you'll find a pumpkin stencil every bit as enchanting as the white poplar leaf that inspired it. Download our free stencil to bring fall foliage right to your doorstep. (Assuming the wind hasn't blown a few leaves your way already!)

A lovely leaf-shape stencil deserves an equally lovely pumpkin to house it. Choose a pumpkin with no visible discolorations, and feel its exterior to ensure there aren't any invisible soft areas. To ensure freshness, examine the pumpkin's stem; it should be green and firmly attached.

To carve:

1. Click the link above to download and print your free pointy leaf pattern. Hold it against the side of your cleaned-out pumpkin; tape it to your pumpkin's exterior, smoothing the paper with your hands as you tape for a better fit.

2. With a sharp needle tool, duplicate the pattern onto the pumpkin's skin by piercing the stencil lines, outlining the leaf shape with closely spaced needle holes. Tear off the pattern when you've finished outlining the shape.

3. With a specialty pumpkin-carving knife or linoleum-cutting knife, saw gently along the needle holes to cut out the leaf-shape piece.

4. Dislodge the leaf-shape piece by gently nudging it from inside the pumpkin, popping it out and discarding it.


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