Pinecone Pumpkin Stencil

With its low-hanging pine needles and etched rows of pinecone scales, this pumpkin stencil has all the charm of a forest stroll without the risk of sap clinging to your clothing. (You might get a little pumpkin on you, though.) Download our free stencil by clicking below!

When it comes to lighting up your pinecone design, you have a couple of choices. We recommend using a bright battery-operated LED candle; it provides realistic flicker with zero smoke. If you opt for a traditional candle, it's a good idea to carve an extra opening in the back of the pumpkin as a makeshift chimney. Cut a small hole behind the pumpkin stem as a discreet way for smoke to exit and oxygen to enter.

To carve:

1. Sign in to to download our free pinecone stencil, and if necessary, use a copier to resize the stencil to fit your pumpkin. Clean and scrape your pumpkin, and tape your printed pattern to the prettiest side.

2. Pierce along stencil lines with a pushpin or large nail, outlining the design with tightly spaced holes. Pull off the stencil pattern.

3. Use a chisel or linoleum cutter to etch stencil areas within dotted lines, removing slivers of pumpkin skin from these areas. 

4. Use a sharp, skinny pumpkin-carving knife to cut along stencil areas within solid lines, and push on the carved sections gently from inside the pumpkin to dislodge them.


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