Need a little majesty on your front porch? Try adding a graceful phoenix to your carved pumpkin display. Our uplifting pumpkin stencil captures a reborn phoenix's flight into new life. And if you carve this phoenix in a synthetic, carvable pumpkin, your carved creation can live again next year, too.

By Jessica Tull

Combining etching and carving in a single design adds special interest to carved pumpkins. For greater pumpkin stability and less risk of breakage while carving, we recommend first completing all etching sections (like those feather marks), then carving the design from the center outward.

free phoenix stencil pattern

To carve:

1. Log in to to download and print the free phoenix stencil. Resize the stencil with a photocopier to fit your pumpkin, if needed. Tape the printed stencil to your hollowed-out pumpkin.

2. Poke along the stencil lines with a push pin, pricking through the surface of the pumpkin. Keep pin pricks closely spaced. Remove stencil after pricking all lines.

3. Etch stencil areas within dotted lines. Carve stencil areas within solid lines.


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