Peek-a-BOO! Pumpkin Stencil

This kid-friendly project brings the fun (and a little spook!) this Halloween.


It's hard to tell, but it sure looks like someone's eyeing your candy bowl. This black-gloved pumpkin dweller is biding his time before popping up and yelling "Boo!" or stealing a few handfuls of candy. Once the kids take a closer look at him, we're guessing he'll steal a few giggles, too. Download the stencil by logging into (registration is free), then just follow our easy steps below.

This is a terrific project for young kids who might not be ready for complicated carving instructions. Enlist their help in cutting out this sneaky guy's stenciled hands, while you take care of carving the top off the pumpkin. Cleaning out goopy pumpkin seeds is, of course, best done together!

To carve:

1. Print out the stencil pattern and use it to trace two hands onto black felt. Cut out hands and set aside.

2. Cut a circle along the top of your pumpkin for a lid. Hollow out the interior of the pumpkin, using an ice cream scoop to remove the seeds and pulpy, stringy parts.

3. Use crafts glue to attach the two felt hands to the pumpkin. Glue two large googly eyes between the lid and bottom sections of the pumpkin, using the eyes to prop the lid slightly open.

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