The paisley pattern's roots may have originated in India, but featuring this classic pattern on a pumpkin is a decidedly North American twist. Just click below to add this gorgeous embellished leaf shape to your pumpkin porch display. Did we mention the pattern's free, too?

By Jessica Tull

For a whole new paisley look, put aside your power drill and grab a gouge instead. It's easy to etch the entire design; just follow our etching instructions below to peel off the pumpkin's top layer of skin from all pattern areas, skipping the drilling step. As a bonus, etched gourds tend to last longer than their carved companions.

free paisley stencil pattern

1. Click above to download the free paisley pattern. Print the pattern and tape it to the outside of a hollowed-out, scraped pumpkin.

2.With a pin tool, duplicate the paisley pattern onto your pumpkin by poking along the stencil lines. Pierce through both the paper and the pumpkin's skin, keeping pin holes tightly spaced. (Hint: Be thorough! Keeping pin holes within 1/8" of each other provides the most detailed carving results later.) Remove the pattern.

3. Etch sections within dotted lines by using a gouge to peel off slivers of pumpkin skin.

4. Estimate drill bit size by holding bits against a paisley dot until you find an identical width. Attach your selected bit to your power drill and gently bore a hole through the pumpkin wall. Continue boring uniform holes until all paisley dots have been created.

5. Light up your paisley pattern by placing an LED candle inside the pumpkin's interior.


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