OMG Pumpkin Stencil

Oh my gosh -- text-speak is everywhere! It has jumped from texts to tweets to T-shirts, and now these creative abbreviations are making their pumpkin debut with our free stencil patterns. YW.

Although we designed these stencil letters for carving (which explains the funny break in the "O"), there's no reason you can't etch these letters if you'd prefer. To etch the letters, just chip away at the pumpkin's top layer with a chisel or sharp razor blade, nicking off slivers of pumpkin skin until the light color rind beneath is visible.

To carve:

1. Clean out your pumpkin by carving a circle on the bottom that's large enough to reach your arm through comfortably. Level the circle by slicing off the pulpy side with your knife; you'll rest a candle on this platform later.

2. With your hands, scoop out as much of the fibrous inner goo as possible. Scrape the pumpkin sides with a stiff metal spoon to clean out the remainder, and shake the scraps into a waste basket. 

3. Place your printed OMG pattern against the side of your pumpkin, flattening it with your hands and taping it down. Map the pattern onto the pumpkin's surface with a large nail or push pin by poking along the stencil lines, piercing the paper and the pumpkin's top layer. Remove the pattern.

4. Carve the design by slicing along the hole marks with a skinny, serrated crafts knife. Dislodge carved sections by pressing on them with your fingers. (If you prefer, you could also etch the design by following our tips above.)

5. Set an LED candle on the leveled circle, and place your carved OMG pumpkin over the top.


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