We heard from a reputable source that ogres have layers. So we designed our pumpkin stencil ogre, with his oddly lovable, fanged face, to showcase beautiful layers of etching and carving. Kind of appropriate, don't you think?

Etching the ogre's profile gives this bushy-browed giant depth and interest -- just be careful not to puncture the bottom rind layer! Use a gouging tool (or an electric etching tool, if you own one) to gently scrape away the pumpkin's top layer of skin.

free ogre stencil pattern

To carve:

1. Clean out a pumpkin by cutting a circle in the bottom of the pumpkin and scooping out the innards with an ice cream scoop. Level out the top of the cutout with a knife to form a flat platform for resting a candle.

2. Print out the free stencil pattern and tape it to the surface of your pumpkin. Use a pin tool to prick along the stencil lines, puncturing the paper and piercing into the pumpkin's skin. Keep pin marks close together. Remove the paper pattern.

3. Etch stencil areas in dotted lines.

4. Carve stencil areas in solid lines. Pop out carved sections by pressing from inside the pumpkin.

5. Set a lit candle on the cutout from the bottom of the pumpkin, and place your carved ogre pumpkin over the cutout.


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