NBD Pumpkin Stencil

This NBD carved pumpkin is ridiculously easy to create. Just download our free stencil and complete four easy steps, and friends and family will rave about your excellent pumpkin-carving skills. (For a humble response, follow your pumpkin's lead and reply, "It's no big deal.")

If your letters are looking a little rough around the edges, there's a quick fix. We use a clay modeling tool called a "trimming loop" to correct minor carving errors. Just run the trimming loop along jagged edges to shave off rough patches, then wipe away trimmed bits with a paper towel. With this trick in your arsenal, jagged edges truly will be NBD.

To carve:

1. With a skinny, serrated knife (like a woodcutting or linoleum-cutting knife), carve a circle in your pumpkin's underside. Pry out the circle and cut off its pulpy side. Reach through the pumpkin opening to remove the stringy guts and seeds. (Hint: For easier carving, scrape the side of the pumpkin you're planning to carve until it's no thicker than 1".)

2. Stick your printed NBD pattern to the side of your pumpkin, securing it with tape. Score the pattern lines by jabbing through the paper and into the pumpkin skin with a push pin or wooden skewer. (Hint: For best results, keep your hole marks closely spaced.)

3. Detach the NBD pattern, and cut along the hole guidelines to carve the design. (Hint: Leave cutout sections in place within the pumpkin wall until you've finished carving; press gently on the sections to dislodge them.)

4. Place a flameless candle on the pumpkin circle you prepared in Step 1, and set your carved pumpkin over the top of the candle.


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