We took our inspiration from the Navajo butterfly symbol for this stylized pumpkin stencil design. (No worries about it flying off your porch, though; the gourd should weigh it down.) With its straightforward hourglass shape and easy-to-carve angles, this stencil is a beginner pumpkin carver's best friend. Download it for free by clicking below!

By Jessica Tull

This stencil's strong vertical lines are well-suited for tall pumpkins, but don't worry if your pumpkin is on the broad-and-short side. Just use a photocopier to enlarge or reduce the stencil size for a custom-made fit for your gourd.

free native american motif pumpkin stencil

To carve:

1. Log in to download our free Native American motif stencil pattern. Print out the pattern, and fasten it against the side of your pumpkin securely with tape.

2. Reproduce the pattern on the pumpkin's surface by piercing along stencil lines with a large nail or pin tool. (Tip: Be thorough! Keep pin holes about 1/8" apart for best results.) Pull off the stencil, and keep it close for reference.

3. Review the pattern to find areas surrounded by dotted lines; etch these areas using a gouge or sharp razor blade. To etch, whittle away slivers of pumpkin skin until the light-colored rind underneath is showing.

4. Find areas on the pattern surrounded by solid lines; carve those areas with a skinny serrated crafts knife. To dislodge carved pieces, nudge them gently with your fingers from inside the pumpkin, pushing them outward.

5. Add a battery-operated candle to your pumpkin's interior for illumination, if desired.


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