People might ask why you carved this particular text message in a pumpkin. (Admittedly, it's a bit quirky.) But if they do, you have a witty reply carved and at-the-ready. Just click the link below to download our free pumpkin stencil.

By Jessica Tull

If your pumpkin starts looking shriveled and dehydrated after a few days, we have a quick trick to revive it. Just soak the entire gourd in a cooler filled with ice water for up to eight hours. Dunking a pumpkin might look a little weird to bystanders, but you could always tell them to -- OK, we'll quit.

free myob stencil pattern

To carve:

1. Print out the free stencil pattern by logging in to If necessary, reduce or enlarge the stencil size using a copier to better fit your pumpkin.

2. Tape the MYOB pattern to the side of a pumpkin that you've hollowed-out and scraped. Duplicate the pattern onto the pumpkin by punching holes along the stencil lines with a needle tool or large nail. (Hint: Keep needle holes about 1/8" apart for best results.) Take down the printed pattern.

3. Slice along the needle holes with a serrated crafts knife, cutting out the letters to reveal the design. Throw away carved pumpkin sections, and light up those letters by placing a flameless candle or votive tealight candle inside the pumpkin.


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