Monograms are an undying classic in any format -- including pumpkins! Proclaim your family's initials proudly with this variety of free downloadable letters. Choose between serif and sans serif fonts to create an upscale look for your Halloween porch. Click below to get started!

Monogram Pumpkin
Credit: Style: "Target Levels"

Pumpkins come in a wide range of hues and patterns, so don't limit yourself to plain ol' orange! Look for eye-catching varieties at farms and farmers markets; we love gray Jarrahdales, creamy-white Luminas, and orange-dappled One Too Many pumpkins.

free monogrammed letter stencil patterns

To carve:

1. Clean your pumpkin by cutting a circle in its underside and removing all the seeds and guts with a stiff metal scoop. (Note: If you're planning to etch your monogram onto your pumpkin rather than carve it, there's no need to clean out the pumpkin's interior.)

2. Print out your monogram stencil. (Hint: If your pumpkin is too large or small for the design, resize the stencil with a photocopier to better fit your pumpkin.) Attach the stencil to the side of your pumpkin with clear tape.

3. Jab along the outline of the letter with a needle tool, piercing both the paper and the pumpkin skin below. For best results, keep needle holes within 1/8" of each other.

4. Tear off the stencil, and carve or etch the design into the side of your pumpkin. (Note: For best results, we recommend etching letters that contain interior spaces, such as "A" or "B.") To carve, saw gently along the needle holes with a sharp, serrated woodcutting knife; pop out the cutout letter piece by pressing on it from inside the pumpkin. To etch, whittle away slivers of pumpkin skin from the stencil area with a gouge or electric etching tool, being careful not to puncture through the pumpkin wall.

5. If desired, illuminate your design by placing a battery-operated candle inside your pumpkin.


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