This pumpkin stencil might not have the fullest smile we've ever seen (in fact, we're not quite sure how he eats), but he certainly plays up what he does have! Delight trick-or-treaters by propping this chipper pumpkin by the door. And since his friendly face is composed of easy-to-carve angles, we think you'll be pretty delighted with him, too. Download our free stencil to get started!

By Jessica Tull
One-Tooth Smile

This happy pumpkin's smile should last for a good, long while, especially if you wipe petroleum jelly on the pumpkin's cut surfaces to retain inner moisture. But if your gourd starts to look droopy, don't just pitch it! Try a cold-water bath to revive the pumpkin. Immerse the entire pumpkin, facedown, in cold water for up to eight hours; this should plump its flesh. Dry it off, and smear petroleum jelly over the pumpkin's cut surfaces again before putting it back on display.

free missing teeth stencil pattern

To carve:

1. Print our our downloadable stencil, and tape it to the surface of a pumpkin that you've cleaned out previously. Use a large nail to pierce holes through the stencil lines and into the pumpkin's skin; remove the stencil after transferring all lines to the pumpkin.

2. Carve the design by using a skinny, serrated pumpkin-carving knife to gently saw along the nail marks. Remove the carved sections by pressing on them with your fingers. (Note: Don't try to remove carved sections with your knife! This could damage the design.)

3. Illuminate the jack-o'-lantern's happy face by placing a flameless candle inside the pumpkin.


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