Midcentury Design Motif Pumpkin Stencil

Midcentury design graphics are bold, streamlined, and undeniably classic. So we drew upon our love of its geometric motifs to create this stylized flower-themed pumpkin stencil. The polka dots were thrown in just for whimsy. Download our free pattern by clicking below!

If carving a small polka dot with a serrated crafts knife strikes you as tedious… well, we agree. Luckily, there's a better way! Grab your electric drill and drill bits, and select a bit with a comparable width to the polka dot. Then just bore gently through the wall of the pumpkin to create a uniform hole, repeating for all four dots.

To carve:

1. Carve out the underside of your pumpkin, and reach through the opening to dig out the mushy seeds and guts. Scrape the clinging bits from the pumpkin's interior walls, scraping the side of the pumpkin you're planning to carve to no more than 1" thickness.

2. Place the pattern against the outside of your pumpkin, and secure the page in place with tape. Reproduce the design onto the pumpkin by piercing the stencil lines with a pushpin or wooden skewer. Pull off the pattern, and keep it nearby.

3. Etch pattern areas surrounded by dotted lines with a gouge or a sharp razor blade. To etch, just shave off the pumpkin's top layer of skin until the light-orange rind underneath is visible.

4. Carve pattern areas surrounded by solid lines with a sharp serrated crafts knife. If desired, drill polka dots by following our tips above. Press on carved sections to dislodge them.

5. Coat carved and etched surfaces with petroleum jelly, and set your Midcentury Design motif aglow by placing a battery-operated candle in the pumpkin's interior.


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