These darling mouse pumpkin stencils, with their twisty tails and tiny, sniffing noses, look almost real enough to cause a shriek or two from unsuspecting visitors. (Once your guests soak in the squeaky cuteness, though, we think they'll be won over.) Download our four free stencils to add these charming rodents to your Halloween decor.

By Jessica Tull

You could certainly carve all the mice patterns onto a single large pumpkin, if you'd like. (We did, and it's charming!) But if you're looking for an extra-cute effect, try carving each mouse design onto a small pumpkin and grouping them on your porch steps. For a playful vignette, position a menacing cat pumpkin overlooking the scene.

free left-facing mouse stencil pattern free right-facing mouse stencil pattern free upright mouse stencil pattern free lifted-head mouse stencil pattern

To carve:

1. Print out the free mouse stencils by signing in to; arrange all stencils on the side of one large, hollowed-out pumpkin, or arrange each stencil on the side of a small, hollowed-out pumpkin. Use tape to secure each stencil in place.

2. With a pin tool or wooden skewer, jab closely spaced holes along the stencil outlines. Keep holes within 1/8 inch of each other. Detach the stencils.

3. Carve along the pin hole guidelines with a thin, serrated woodcutting knife. Push gently on the cutout sections from inside the pumpkin to dislodge them, revealing the patterns. Discard cutout sections.


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